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My little world.

Hello there.. >:)

21 April
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Hello, My name is Lisa and I'm 16 years old. I made this journal sometime ago, I thought I wasn't really a journal person but look at my journal and find how wrong I was *Laughs* I don't have any job but I was thinking of getting a job at these places: A movie threater ((Possibly Delaware Square)), A fast food place, or some computer job. I'm in a family of 4, my older brother, Matt. My mom, Patty. And my dad, Woody. I also have three beautiful dogs, Keasha is a Husky, Saltie is a dalmation, and Puppy ((AKA. Fargo)) is a mix-breed. If you want to talk to me then IM me at Okinae, GAIM is my instant messenger service.
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